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I am so glad that I am in my 40’s as sex and relationships are so much easier. I even get on better with my ex-partner, and we now spend a lot of time just talking to each other. I mentioned this to a couple of Wood Green escorts the other day, and they said that they have noticed that less men and women in their 40’s visit them.

The Wood Green escorts that I spoke to even said that the vast majority of Wood Green escorts regular are either in their 30’s and later in life. It is amazing but something must happen to us in our 40’s. Our hair might be going a bit grey but Wood Green escorts say that many single 40’s seem to be much happier and content in their life.

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Just like anybody else, Wood Green escorts spend a lot of time talking to their dates, and they do find out information that a lot of people would be interested in. For instance most of their visitors are either single men in their 40’s, married 30 year old or older men who have lost their partners. So, I decided to lay down a little challenge to the Wood Green escorts and myself to find out out what happens to us in our 40’s. Why do we react in this way, and why do we all of a sudden feel good about ourselves.


Wood Green escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/woodford-green-escorts say that a lot of their dates who are in their 40’s seem a lot more content in life. They are not necessarily happy but they seem to be content. Wood Green escorts seem to think that we may realize sometime in our 40’s that we can’t have everything that we need, and this make us happier.

Personally, I think this is true. I got married later in life, and I realized that I could not have everything. I could not hold down my well paid job whilst carrying for a precious baby girl, and that my job did not make me that happy anyway. It did not matter how many zeros the pharma company I was working for added to my pay check.

So, I left my job and set up home with my slightly nutty Egyptian husband in Cairo. We lived in his old apartment with a view to the pyramids, and every night I was able to curl up in his arms. We had five dogs, a screaming parrot with a broken wing and a lovely little daughter. It was a mess but I did realize that this made me happy.

I had always been passionate about yoga, and as an Egyptian housewife, I was able to use our oversized back room as a yoga studio. I started Lotus yoga, and wished I had been a yoga teacher all my life.

Perhaps this is the reason why relationships in are 40’s are better. We feel better about ourselves and our lives, and this is how we manage to have better relationships. Relationships are complicated but it is certainly more likely that you will enjoy a better relationship when you feel better about yourself.