The Vampire of London

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Most nights I don’t mind being out in London on my own, but for some reason this night felt different. I had just finished for the night at the central┬áCharlotte action escorts service I worked for eight years. Most of the other girls thought that I was a little bit mad walking around in London on my own late at night, but it did not worry me. However this night was different, and even the weather seemed to make London spooky. A mist or fog had swept in, and it was whirling around the streets.

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My last date at London escorts had offered to drive me home. When I told him that I was planning to walk home to get some exercise, he pronounced me mad, but I assured him I was going to be alright. This was my London and I knew every part of it. For some reason I felt myself drawn towards the Tower of London. Sometimes after I had finished my shift at London escorts, I often came down here for a bit and looked out at the river.

This night the river was covered in a mist, and as a stood looking out on the river, I could hear oars in the water. It was so strange and worried me a bit. Perhaps I should have accepted my London escorts offer of a lift home anyway. Before I knew it, a rowing boat emerged from the mist. A lone man wearing a cloak was rowing the boat, and it was clear that he was looking around for somewhere to go ashore.

I called out to him, and pointed to a place where he could land what looked like a very old rowing boat. Looking at him a little bit closer, I could tell that he was a very beautiful looking man. But what surprised me was his dress sense. Sure, I had dated a lot of gents who enjoyed dressing up, but nothing like this before. He slowly climbed out of the rowing boat, and started to come towards. I am not sure if he walked or glided, all I could do was to stare at that beautiful face and the eyes which seemed to see through.

He sat down on a bench, and started to speak. I have dated rather a few foreign gentlemen at London escorts, but to me he sounded like he was English but he used very old fashioned words when he spoke. He told me that he thought things has changed and did not really recognize the river on the area anymore. It was very strange, but I could not leave, I was totally captivated by this man. As I looked into his face, I noticed that he must be rather old. He smiled, and in his smile, I could see something different. The dark eyes looked into mine, and as he went to kiss my cheek, I think that I must have passed out. The next morning I woke up in my own bed. How I had got there I don’t know, but I had a feeling the man I had met last night had been in my home. Instinctively I touched my neck, and noticed two small marks and a bit of blood. Had I just met a London vampire?