The full moon turns me on

Posted on: December 14, 2015, by :

I am really turned on by the full moon, and I just totally worship. My boyfriend says that I am always hornier when there is a full moon, and that could possibly be true. The girls that I work with at escorts in London, think that I am a bit nuts and cannot understand why I worship the moon that much. The thing is, my mom has always been into Wicca and taught me to revere the moon. Now, I practice many of the things that my mom does, and some of the girls at London escorts think it is a bit freaky.

Every full moon I light a candle at my London escorts boudoir. It has to be a green candle, and stand on a few pennies. The fact is that this is a very ancient ritual, and is suppose to bring you money. The girls at London escorts have tried it, and it seems to work. The money may not come to you in the form of extra income, nor in the way of cash, but it can also come to you in the form of discount. It has always worked for me. and now the girls at London escorts say it works for them as well.

Also, the name of the moon, forms the basis for the word lunacy in the English language. It could be as a result of the moons activity, or proximity to earth, that I get extra horny. One of the girls at London escorts thinks it might have something to do with water. After all, the moon causes ebbs and tides here on earth, so maybe it affects our hormones as well. That is my theory, but I am not so sure the girls back at London escorts agree with me. They probably think it is one of my crack pot theories.

Some of the girls at London escorts, think that I am insane, and have some strange rituals that I have to go through. But, the Wicca religion has been around for a very long time, and it has its base in nature. I like telling my escorts in London girlfriends about the Wicca practice that I use in my daily life. Not all of them think that I am a complete crack pot, and many of the girls are very interested. I am forever handing out crystals which can help my friends.

After I leave escorts in London, I am going to study Wicca. You can do that at many places around the UK, and some people go on to get degrees. My mom is now a high priestess of Wicca, and she has helped a lot of people. I enjoy helping people as well, and if I can do it through the Wicca craft, so much better. Wicca is not something negative, it is something positive that works with nature and not against it. I understand a lot about the religion but I would like to learn more. Hopefully, I will be able to do that one day.