Did you know that cuddling has health benefits

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Cuddling is a special way of experiencing the sense of human touch. If you don’t have anybody to cuddle and happen to be a hot blooded male, you can always give the girls at Hammersmith escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/hammersmith-escorts a call. They would be more than happy to give you a cuddle, and not only that, they will make sure that your cuddle is very special. Once you have had a cuddle with a girl from Hammersmith escorts, you are bound to appreciate the health benefits of cuddling.


Myra from Hammersmith escorts says that we often ignore the health benefits of human touch such as cuddling. She says that when she gives one of her dates a cuddle, she can physically feel him relax. Myra is exactly the kind of girl that you would like to cuddle. Her soft 34 E bosom is exactly what you would like to fall into when you need a cuddle. She claims that cuddling can lower your blood pressure, but I am not sure that this sexy brunette has that kind of effect on the men she cuddles.


Another girl at Hammersmith escorts claims that the cuddling can boost the immune system. Recently, cuddling has shown to realise the feel good hormones that we all have in our bodies. One thing that we do know about these hormones is that they can help to reduce inflammation in the body. If that is true, it would be okay to assume that cuddling does indeed boost your immune system. Like so many other girls at elite Hammersmith escort agencies the young lady has special assets which may come in handy when cuddling. I am not going telling what they are, but I have heard that they are soft and wet, and can even be somewhat slippery. Be careful that you don’t fall in.


Do blondes or brunettes cuddle better? The jury is out on this one. As blondes at Hammersmith escorts are often seen as livelier dates, it could be a good idea to arrange a date with a brunette instead. Brunettes at most Hammersmith escort agencies are supposed to be a little bit more chilled and it could perhaps be better to arrange a date with a brunette when you would just like a cuddle. If you are looking for more than a cuddle, you should may try a blonde.


Saying that, most Hammersmith escorts agencies have a lot of exciting ladies to enjoy a cuddle together with. You may want to try a cuddle with a hot and sexy Black babe, or how about a red hot and kinky Brazilian. Imagine giving a girl with glowing skin which has got from spending time in the Brazilian sun a cuddle… Then again, you may just prefer a cuddle with someone more exotic. How about a Japanese beauty or a little Thai hottie? The choice is endless.  All you need to do is to pick the right escort agency in Hammersmith for you, and start cuddling. I am sure that you can handle that…