Different cultures refer to the moon goddess by many names. In ancient Greece, she was Selene, Hecate or Aega. She’s also Aine in Celtic mythology and Chang’e in ancient China. For many generations, myths and legends have revered the moon as a symbol of the female deity.
Loved and revered, the moon has captivated many generations as a source of light and magic during dark nights. Lunar cycles have been associated with spirituality, creativity, and even menstruation cycles. Lunar deities are the personifications of beauty and mystery, and people worship them as much as they do the sun god. The moon’s crescent waxing shape often stands for creativity and inspiration, while the full moon is a symbol of beauty and higher spiritual states. In the last part of the cycle, the waning moon represents fulfillment and endings that promise rebirth.
The Mystical Moon Goddess exhibit is a collection of artwork that showcases this enchanting world. Having been photographed and looked upon by stargazers and nature lovers, the moon has so much to show us behind its white light and the myths that surround it. We have gathered artists together who use their creativity to bring out the nature and powers of the moon goddess. Not just a visual representation of beauty, the artworks also depict the different meanings of her presence. The bright luminescence against blue velvet night skies and eerie clouds, the goddess looks back at us even when our eyes are closed and we are asleep. In some paintings and digital art, she is a guardian, a lover, a mother.
These art pieces also show the level of inspiration the goddess has bestowed upon gifted artists. The moonlight can reach them even through the darkest shadows, and many see these moonbeams as hope. In this light, she is considered by many cultures as being the center of inspiration and spiritual growth. Many have used such entities as fairies, dancing witches, and priestesses to express her magic.
The moon’s shape can mean different things to different artists and myths. Paintings have displayed her loving nature, and have embraced the crescent moon, animals and children. She walks in the forest with the animals protecting and worshipping her presence. She also smiles upon lovers in the night and those who are alone, basked in her healing light. Some artists also depict her nature as a trickster, bringing illusions on lost travelers of the night.